BSTI to provide halal certificate for products

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution will issue halal certificates to processed goods and medicines.

According to an industry ministry notification, halal certificates will only be issued for products and services that conform to Islamic Shariah.

The renewal fee or certificate for small-scale businesses is Tk 1,000. Medium-sized industries pay Tk 3000 and large-scale companies Tk 5,000.

The certificate is valid for three years. The certificate can be renewed by the company after the three-year expiration.

The BSTI will provide a form that allows interested companies to request a halal certificate.

In the application, the name and address of the factory and organisation as well as the brand and product names should be included.

The applicant must sign the application. In the case of organisations, the owner, partner, managing director or managing director of that organisation or the person authorized to act on behalf of it must also be signed.

A team from BSTI will inspect everything before granting the certificate. The halal certificate committee will then make a recommendation to that institution. If the institution is satisfied, BSTI will issue the certificate.

BSTI has the right to suspend or revoke the certificate of halal later if there is a violation of any condition.


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